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What's NOT in Meditree

At Meditree, we believe that our world can provide all of us with all the natural goodness our skin needs.

That's why we use only the highest grade, plant-based ingredients in our products and we believe that through the rigorous certification process of our manufacturing plant, together with random audits from the AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) approved certifier the OFC, we can offer a true independently checked product, unlike many products offered in the current market.

Read our formula facts to understand what we don't include:

No Alcohol - often used as a preservative in natural skin care creams. This type of ethyl alcohol or alcohol denat can dry out the skin, cause irritation, trigger Rosacea type flare-ups and prevent the absorption of Vitamin A - the lack of which promotes premature ageing.

No Artificial fragrances – some artificial fragrance may contain phthalates and other irritating chemicals. They are probably one of the most frequent cause of allergic reactions to cosmetics.

No Beeswax - though it is a natural ingredient, it is not well absorbed into the skin and is pore blocking or comedogenic .

No Formaldehyde - this causes skin irritant and are a serious health concerns when sensitive skin is expose to this chemical.

No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Use to give a product ' foam' effect , this foaming agent is a harsh skin irritant and usually trigger of skin allergies.

No Parabens – Parabens are dangerous chemicals and people can become sensitised to this ingredient. Studies has shown that when parabens is used, it may have a weak oestrogenic effect and may cause premature ageing when exposed to sunlight. No Parabens are in our formulation – guaranteed !

No Phenoxyethanol - this skin irritant has recently been banned for use in certified organic skin care products Europe based on the new EU organic certification standard.

No Petrochemicals - an ingredient derived from petroleum and 100% non-natural ! Some petrochemicals like Propylene Glycol are used in skincare products for its moisturising properties. It is a bad skin irritant and triggers eczema.

No Phthalates - used as cover up for fragrances. It is not listed on the ingredient labels as many brands use "parfum" rather than list it separately. There have been serious safety concerns this ingredient in regard to reproductive health.

100% Naturally Derived
We believe excluding the above ingredients from our formulations set us ahead in current world certification standards as other governing bodies are open to allow synthetic or nature identical raw materials in the cosmetic products they certify. In some instances, some companies have even set their own certifying standards.